Workshop dedicated to the release of the new version of Advanced Regulatory Information System (ARISv2.0), 2014, Yerevan

Fuel Assembly Model for CFD calculations

Close view of reactor pressure vessel inlet with two different meshes

Visit to Kudankulam NPP training center during VVER Regulatory Forum's Board meeting, 2013, India

Walkdown through plant: NRSC participated in IPSART mission in Kozloduy NPP, 2013 Bulgaria

NRSC participated in IEM on Strengthening Research and Development Effectiveness in the Light of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPP, February 2015, Vienna

Working meeting between NRSC, ANPP and IPSART experts team, October 2014, Armenia

CFD analysis: Water pressure at reactor pressure vessel nozzels part

Recent reports


Suggestions on improvement of IAEA draft document DS485 "Ageing management and development of a program for long term operation of NPP's" .


Suggestions on improvement of IAEA draft document DS472 «Organization, management and staffing of a regulatory body for safety».


Revised version of SAR format and content requirements.


Review of ANPP reactor  core full accidental unloading. RT-A115-1.2-005, October 2015


Review of the modification of the calculation of the coolant outlet temperature from fuel assembly.